Uncategorized September 27, 2023

What about the buy-your-house-for-cash TV pitch/cold call?

What about the CASH OFFERS you see on TV offering to buy your house….no commission, no inspections, no people through your house nor any “hassles”. Sounds pretty good….but not so fast….AND in a few certain time crunch driven circumstances this may be a great choice!   BUT, be aware that this choice usually is at a (often) significant cost; off market CASH offers are incentivized by these cash  buyers to avoid COMPETITION! What they do not tell you is that in most of the time-crunch cases, a seller certainly can still still capture a short escrow period AND a higher price by working with a local trusted agent to list the home traditionally, thereby selling the home to the highest bidder/cash buyer likely increasing the net gain! An experienced and well versed Realtor® can guide and expedite this process  for the seller in virtually the same speed as a “flipper”! I would be delighted to share my marketing plan and strategies if this is the case with you, or someone in your circle of family and friends! Contact me TODAY!