Uncategorized September 27, 2023

TV CASH BUY OFFERS: what they do not tell you

TV Cash offers….no fees, no inspections, no commissions and no delays…they promise to close the transaction within a few days! Sounds extremely tempting! In a few certain cases, driven by a severe time-crunch, this option may be a good choice!  BUT, what is the cost of this choice?

What these cash buyers do not share is that the seller may realize significantly more money in their pocket by listing their home traditionally and STILL sell within a short period (as quickly as 2 weeks) while exposing the sale of the home to a huge audience of competitive cash buyers!! The primary motivation for these TV ad cash buyers to pursue “off market” homes is two fold: a) make an offer free of competition, and b) be the primary source for educating the time-constrained, often stressed, seller on market conditions and the “current value” of their home.

My strong advice to sellers who face a time-crunched deadline is to reach out to an  experienced and trustworthy local Realtor®, who, in most cases, can achieve greater gains for the seller by expertly guiding and expediting the selling process (as stated above, in many cases within 2 weeks). I would be delighted to be that chosen agent…one who helps his clients achieve their goals, one closing at a time! Why not contact me TODAY!