Uncategorized September 18, 2023

WHAT NOW ? – Interest Rates and Home Prices are Out of Sight

If you are a buyer and looking to purchase a home and have had this reaction, there are still some creative ways to “get your foot in the door” of that first home purchase! During trying times like the present, it helps to have an agent who has a working relationship with a network of professionals who can significantly help in drafting a creative offer that will increase the chances of an accepted offer, while still staying with in budgeted monthly payment budget!

The home-buying process starts with putting the buyer in touch with a trusted, experienced lender who can provide guidance to set in place a loan approval that is a fit for your financial standing. It is in this initial step where you will be educated further on any “special programs”, whether it is “first-time homebuyer” eligibility, VA eligibility, loan rate buy-downs or other loan programs that may be available!  I can provide you a list of trusted lenders with whom I have worked in the past. With so many “hidden fees and costs” buried in some of loan offers out there, referral to a trusted lender is a huge first-step advantage to buyers. Once that approval matching the buyer budget is in place, the search for that “just right” home can begin where my goal becomes helping my clients RE-ach their goals! Contact me today to get this process rolling….