Uncategorized June 7, 2023


I would like to share a few key observations with potential clients which may help in choosing an agent representative! After all, research tells that the average person has at least three agents whom they know directly, or through a close friend or relative. So how does one choose?

Here are some easy observations/considerations one can make that may be of help in choosing an agent:

*** agent code of ethics require agents to inform clients that terms of a contract are negotiable; when asking about commissions/charges, does the agent offer it as negotiable, or does agent present them as “set”?

*** is the agent a friend? If so, is there objective evidence that the agent can separate business from friendship?During a transaction, some disagreeable situations  rise to the surface!

***how ambitious is the agent presentation? Is the data the agent presents about property values come from “click and print” report or does the report data evidence some individually researched and developed data,  evidencing that the agent has familiarity with the area/community.

***is the agent “pushy and pressuring” for you to sign at the end of the presentation?  Most sales training I have attended has advocated that an agent “get the contract signed before you leave” approach because they believe that the last agent in the door gets the contract. I have no problem with a client wanting to “sleep on it” before signing… deciding later with a clear mind!

*** does the agent follow rules? When placing Open House signs out in a community, it is a violation to place open house signs on the sidewalks and possibly restricting movement by persons with disabilities. If an agent breaks these well-published rules, it is likely other standards in a transaction may also be overlooked!

*** during the agent presentation, is the emphasis on the high cost of buying/selling and the amount of work the agent will be doing, or is the emphasis on the explanation of transaction process, sequence of the process,  allowing time for client questions, and include information of any client money-saving options?


I hope this is helpful! I would be delighted to earn a sit-down and share with you how I do business! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!